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Dental Fillings

Restorations can be of various materials which includes:-

  1. Composite Restorations
  2. Amalgam restorations
  3. Glass ionomer restorations
  4. Inlays/ Onlays (Gold or Porcelain)

Amalgam Restorations 

An amalgam restoration combines mercury with a silver alloy. It is long lasting, enduring, economical and lasts for a very long time. So far research on controlled studies has not found any poisonous nature. However due to increase in awareness in the field of aesthetics more and more patients are looking for a tooth coloured options.

Composite Restorations

Composite restorations are tooth coloured restorations made from glass quartz, ceramic particles and silica added to a resin base. After tooth preparation shade matched filling is bonded onto the area and light is shone over it. Over a period of time staining does occur.

Glass Ionomer Restoration

Glass ionomer restorations chemically link with a tooth surface and release fluoride and prevent tooth decay. Glass ionomer restorations are weak and are usually used over non-biting and necks of teeth.


Onlays cover a larger tooth surface and are restorations fabricated in the dental laboratory. They are made of porcelain or gold. Porcelain inlays are long lasting, hard wearing and match the tooth color. Gold is also hard wearing, does not tarnish and offers great strength. The procedure involves tooth preparation followed by impressions taken to be sent to the dental laboratory. A temporary filling is placed in the area.

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